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We are always looking for the next location for a new Groovy Map, and this year we will be expanding our map line to include several exciting new locations, including:  Groovy Tokyo, Groovy Myanmar, Groovy Jakarta, and Groovy Hua Hin, Thailand.  Do you have a favorite destination that you'd love to get the Groovy Map spin on?  Let us know!

FACEBOOK:  Keep up with the latest in Groovy news/updates/surveys/etc. on our Facebook page.  We can respond much faster than on our own website here -- due to the programming involved (go figure).  Check  it out http://www.facebook.com/groovymap.

As we like to say around here, "If time is money, spend it well."  We know you are busy or you wouldn't be buying our Groovy Map'n'Guides.   We are your travel filter -- your friend "in the know."  

GOOD FOOD vs AVERAGE FOOD:  As you've probably discovered in your own neighborhood, the difference between a good restaurant and a poor one can be a matter of a few metres and not so different in price.  It is the same overseas. 

In fact, it is a bit of revelation to discover than top flight cuisine in Sydney, and normal joe restaurants without a star chef, are not more than 20% or so different in price, meaning that it really IS worth it to spend that extra for at least double the "value for money."   Always check if the famous restaurant has a luncheon menu, which can be less than HALF what you would pay at dinner time, and if you're on vacation, or have a lot of time between  business meetings, is totally worth it.  One of my favorite lunches like that was at Jean Georges on the Bund, Shanghai.  It cost a fraction of what dinner would cost, I got seating near the window without booking 3 months in advance, and the chocolate dessert was awesome!  Groovy. 

Adding 'GROOVY GEAR' to the mix

We're working on a number of new products to aid travel,  travel accessories and souvenirs with a twist.  Check out our Facebook pages for the latest news on forthcoming GROOVY GEAR (for hip, in-the-know travelers) and what's going on in our lives at Groovy HQ. 

Keep on Groovin' -- aaron frankel